Calling out Privilege, Sounding the alarm

So, I’m learning as I go. As one of those chick’s that posts the three inch Face Book comments, I thought it was high time to start a blog page.Well, my daughters got tired of me “liking” my own comments and writing chapters when it was supposed to be a sentence. I’m still figuring it out, but I’m glad that I got started.

First blog post
Last night, I watched one of my favorite  MSNBC news commentators, Lawrence O’Donnell. He was semi-covering the Presidential address/campaign rally in Phoenix. Did he

A. Extend deepest sympathies on behalf of the country to the service.           people who lost their liveson the U.S.S. John McCain

B. Extend heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the victims of the.            White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville, many of whom are still.            recovering from the act ofterroristic vehicular assault

C. Send out thoughts and prayers to t he African nation t hat                           experienced a recent national disaster


D. Whined about media persecution, praised a serial profiler charged by a court of law, and disparage both fellow Republicans (meh) and Americans exercising free speech and protest rights?

Need a hint? Phone a friend, use a lifeline- no need. We all know the answer by now. That’s because we are no longer surprised at how low this President will go. I had read somewhere that “Trump acts like what White People EXPECTED the First Black President to act”. Boom. And as usual, the truth is more the opposite than can be imagined. They say when a spouse is cheating, the first thing that reveals them is the obsession that their partner is being unfaithful. The human heart is trained to avoid lies, the mind gives subtle warnings and clear clues when the words said do not line up with what one knows the truth to be. All during the campaign, we heard 45’s accusations of Hillary Clinton not having the right “temperament” to assume the responsibility of the Presidency. Trump criticized President Barack Obama of playing golf excessively, making poor choices on foreign affairs, national politics, being foreign born. Now, with less than a year of the term completed, we are being painfully reminded that the lies he told about others was the truth of which he was guilty.

Uncouth,delusional, narcissistic pathological, there are a host of adjectives that could ne used to describe Trump. He has, in under one year, personified every stereotypical idea that people place on African Americans when they feel that Blacks have been hired (or elected) to a job above their stations, Trump has displayed blatant nepotism and cronyism, either appointing relatives with no past political experience or friends who have backgrounds are agendas in direct opposition with the Department they’ve been chosen to head. He has already exceeded former President Obama in “golfing and vacation” days, and the costs in which it is associated. He has admitted what has been painfully obvious to not only the rest of the country, but the entire world that he miscalculated his skills and mental prowess needed to solve ages old political problems.The rampant theories of President Obama’s being secretly associated with “Muslims” theorized, but never proved. Meanwhile EVERY OTHER PERSON, INCLUDING CABINET MEMBERS RELATIVES AND TRUMP HIMSELF, are being investigated to real, actual, verifiable links to Russia. How long have Boris and Natosha of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” cartoon, been America’s enemies, either outright or suspected? Former President Obama had to, under political pressure, abandon his spiritual leader, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, because his sermons were feared to be anti American and too extreme. On the other hsnd, Trump has people in his Cabinet who have ties and comitted allegiances to White Nationalist groups. Imagine Obama being a Black Panther during his teen years or college days. Imagine his father being ties to and arrested at, an extreme Muslim hate group, like Trump’s father was at a Klan meeting.

If the shoe was on the other foot, ,,,. But it’s not. Because Trump has both White Privilege and the support and silent concensus of the Republican Party, he can on one day accuse an opponent without evidence of committing an offense that he turns around and embraces wholeheartedly! So what? “Yeah, I said it!” Where is the defense of equality for all if this man can so brazenly do this and not meet any consequences?

Most Republicans are complacent at best, complicit at worst, while Democrats seem stunned and stupified. Although, I suspect their silence would have been broken if Obama would have tried any of this mess.

Where do we go from here? How much is too much? How “low” can he go? This is just an example of things that go on every day in business and politics around the country. We can ALL name examples of someone getting a job or promotion without qualifications, education, experience or background. Or a person, maybe the one previously mentioned, making unprecedented mistakes, breaches and repeated violations of policy without the same reprimands or repercussions as a person of color. But, if concensus prevails, the complainer becomes a whiner and we are slowly acclimated to Privilege and learn to keep our heads down for fear of punishment. After a matter of time, this abnormality of equality becomes the norm. Just as the familiar add age that places the frogs in pots, one boiling, the other cool at first, then increasingly made hotter. Because the heat is slow and subtle, the second frog stays and dirs. Meanwhile, the first frog senses danger immediately and removes himself from the situation.

How are we feeling, Brothers and Sisters? Just a bit warm? Will you be the one frog to s ound the alarm? Or, do we all. Boil. Together?

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Once again, Arizona Senator John McCain has chosen to go against the grain of the Republican party’s wishes to pass the Graham-Cassidy Bill which is a last-ditch effort to pass a repeal and replacement on the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The pressure is on; there are only a few days in which to pass this bill by merely a Republican majority of 50 vores . At the end of September, the fiscal year will end, and any bill passed will be subject to filibuster by the minority party, the Democrats, and need a 60 vote minimum to pass the Senate. That is the seemingly most important reason that this push is happening. But many other sources tell a more, cold, dispassionate, nearly sinister reason for the urgency. The GOP’s donors, who have funded the campaigns of the Republican party members, have grown impatient at the flaccid, impotent failures of the President, Senate and House, all one party, to affect any real progress in what should be an easy win. The multi-billionaires who have financed the politicians to protect their interests and lower their taxes have demanded that their benefactors press through with what has become the most unpopular healthcare reform bill to date. Not yet scored by the Congressional Budget Office, giving the public an  ideal of the financial impact the bill will have on American citizens; in comparison to the present system, who will lose benefits, who will retain them.

It has long been this author’s opinion that the disconnect between the generational multi millionaire, and now, billionaire politicians and the common ordinary American majority does not allow a true empathy of their struggles and concerns and, in fact, fosters a kinship instead with corporations and the mega rich 1% who seek to retain power. Many Americans were duped into thinking that Southern accented politicians who shed their  tailor- made suits and placed baseball caps on their heads had some type of understanding of their plights, instead of realizing, more often than not, they shared more in common with the corporations that had abandoned  their cities, or the policies that allowed the disintegration of their union protections and benefits, and the stagnation of the increases in the hiring, retention, or increasing of living wages.

How could blue collar workers be so misled and exploited? By dipping from the well of nativity and xenophobia, while feasting at the table of “real Americans”, different from the suspect, unpatriotic,  illegal, criminal hordes of colored peoples who are at the root of the destruction of the Greatness of America.

By manipulating White America’s unreasonable and inexplicable fear of  the growing population of Americans who are other than White, millionares  and billionaires  were able to have “their will be done”.  Even the ever growing realization of the infiltration of Russian influence has either been denied or tolerated. I say tolerated because of America’s past behavior of White solidarity and concensus would conceivably entertain a Global Solidarity of the remaining White Global Powers, namely, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States.

However, a ray of hope does shine through and the future of the country does not have a we holly negative outlook. 45’s bump in approval ratings came after months of historical record lows only when he chose to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on the resolution of D.A.C.A. residents, children who were brought to the country undocumented by their parents. It is neccessary that these citizens who have voiced their approval continue to feed the ego and encourage Donald Trump that more people are in favor of policy that benefits all Americans  instead of policies that are in reaction to fear and often only serve the interests of the ultra rich and powerful. Perhaps, we may look optimistically to a future where bipartisan efforts can lead to an improved Affordable Care Act.

But as I write this, the media is showing his tweets for the morning,,,,. Sigh. I’m g oing back to bed.


Nothing new under the Sun: return of the lynching threat.

By Aretha Graves.                                                         September 1, 2017

Blazing crosses, white hoods and robes that concealed the terrorist beneath. The Ku Klux Klan were the stuff of nightmares during my childhood. Many television shows during the 70s give insight on a day and time that supposedly was long past. Roots, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, and Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry, were movies that showed truckloads of Whites riding through the night, armed with shotguns and torches, and the ever-present, seemingly endless supply of rope. When the White community felt, insulted, indignant, threatened envious, or simply bored, they went hunting for a supposed offender to assuage their feelings of bloodlust. The offense did not have to be a law broken. Registering to vote, looking a White person in the eyes, or an outside threat of a changed law that legally allowed Blacks some measure of personhood would be enough.

Most young children in the 21st century don’t know enough to be afraid of this threat. Until the last two administrations; President Barack Obama’s, and the current administration of Donald Trump. Durine the Obama administration, there was a simmering of sentiment that chafed under the realization that the country’s leader was a man of color. With the election of Donald Trump, White Nationalists, Ametican Nazis, and Klan members have been emboldened by a national leader that sympathizes and leans toward a Whi fulfilled  the promises given during Trump’s campaign. Lamenting the removal of Confederate statues, a wavering, flaccid condemnation of the heinous acts committed during the Charlottesville riot, and  the pardoning of Arizona ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio have given even tax supported state representatives in states as cross the country the courage to bring back the threat of lynching into their publicly quoted language.

Politicians from both the state of Georgia and Missouri have included the threatening language of lynching in their responses to Confederate statue vandalism and Confederate statue crticisms..  According to a story by Matthew Chapman on  Share blue Media, Georgia State Representative Jason Spencer responded to the crticisms of  Confederate by lawmaker LaDawn Jones by saying, ” I can guarantee that you won’t be met with torches but something a bit  more  definitive. People of South Georgia are people of action, not drama. He then added the further threat that people who don’t watch what they say will “go missing in the Okefenokee. Too many necks are red around here”. In another administration, an open threat like this would have caught the attention of United States Attorney General Eric Holder, but alas, who we have is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, a Trump appointee, as the nation stop atyorney. And, true to for of all appointees, the most polar opposite of the post to which he’s been appointef, Sessions will no doubt fail to see this as a reason for alarm.

As if that proclamation was not horrendous enough, Missouri State Representative Warren Love remarked on the vandalism of a Confederate statues saying that the culprit should be “found and hung from a tall tree with a long rope”. If the President could embolden and inspire these elected officials to share their honest feelings of raciallynching violent threats, who will they, in turn, inspire? Once the fumes of hatred have escaped from the pit of historical violence, they are impossible to put back. And everyone is affected by the fumes. However, there are responsible public servants who are committed to preserving and obeying the U. S. Constitution by condemning Missouri State Representative Love and Georgia State Representative Jason Spencer. Senator Claire McCaskill calls the comments “unacceptable “, the Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber has demanded Representative Love’s resignation, along with strong condemnation from other politicians.

We must never return to the terror of the past and unlike the past, there are courageous and vocal Whites who stand against racism.  And, thanks to the advances of the Civil Rights Era, we now have people of color in positions of power with the ability to vote and change the elected officials in Georgia and Missouri.

In the Age of Trump and Kapernick

There is a term, Zeitgeist, it means, “spirit of the times”. It was used by psychologists to explain the phenomena of people throughout the world seeming to all be on the same vibe, the same wavelength, at the same time. Inventions, discoveries and theories seem to “align” and cause a jump in the modernization and change in the Western world. In studying current events, I see two public figures, Donald Trump and Colin Kapernick as the major figures that will spur the next “Social Zeitgeist ” of our times.

A “social” Zeitgeist happened during the 1960s; several African countries fought for and gained their independence at the same time that America was demonstrating, boycotting, marching, and pressuring it’s government for legislation for equal rights. This brought about the age of Black consciousness, an interest not only in the history of African Americans here in the United Stars, but also a “Pan African” movement, a connection to Diaspora Africans, including South America and the Caribbean Sea islands. African Studies classes were introduced into college campuses, most times by the persistence of the students, as well as the tenuring of African American professors. Additionally,  the movement spread to other peoples of color who saw the template for Their movement in the model that African Americans had set into motion. Unfortunately,  this rise to consciousness and newfound power had a opposite reaction. It was during this time that many of the “historic” statues of the Southern Confederacy were erected. A grim, metallic reminder that the descendants and defenders of racism didn’t want the “new” Nego to forget.

I see a similar movement happening today. Curiously enough, it will be the polarizing tactics of Donald Trump, during his occupancy of the Executive branch of the United States government,  that brings this new change to fruition. Also, Colin Kapernick, in his brave defiance of the silent giants of professional sports, has opted to use his celebrity as a platform to call to attention the rise in incidents of police shootings nationwide of Black men and women. Tragically, as in the cases of Mike Brown, Philando Castile, and Tamir Rice, along with others, the shootings of these non-violent alleged offenders ended in death. He took a stand by taking a knee, on national television during the traditional playing of the National Anthem at the start of each game. Silently defiant, like the brave Olympians of the 1960s, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, like the marchers, sitters, and boycotts of the same time, it was the whisper heard ’round the world. Sports commentators,  fans and fellow teammates along with team owners and officials all chimed in on his actions. Whether or not he was deemed unprofessional or unpatriotic,  one thing was clear; athletes are to be seen, and not heard. Of course, you can “brand” yourself, using your prowess and image to promote sports brands, you can be guilty of testosterone laden crimes, like rape and domestic violence, but you can’t challenge the system. His status as persona non grata, a pariah that has not been picked up by another team after his contract expired, is a direct punishment for his outspoken political stance, or lack thereof. What the powers that be didn’t count on was Donald Trump, stirring the pot of racism and polarization of the country, forcing people to self-reflect and examine their own consciences. This self-examination his been further imposed by the seeming support of Donald Trump of Americ as n Nazis, KKK members, and terroristic Whites who demonstrated against the removal of a Confederate statue in Charlottesville. The vitriol, violence and murder that was a result of their actions seemed lost on Trump, who further aligned himself with racists a nd supremacists by the pardoning of disgraced former Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio (See my blog post for more details of his crimes). At no other time in history has a sitting President so blatantly embraced such a bigoted and divisive viewpoint. But, the reaction of the public has been promising. Immediately after the terroristic acts of Charlottesville,  many political leaders rushed to extend sympathy to the victims and condemn the actions of the American terrorists. Donald Trump, however, waivered. In fear of alienating his base, who is believed to be made up largely of people who share, or sympathize with these views, Trump grudgingly condemned their acts, but not before, and after, altering his opinion that showed clear favor to the tertorists. All this has activated Americans who once remained silent about racial issues to align, demonstrate, and work together against instead the rising toward idea of open hatred and bigotry. As a result of the turmoil around the issue of statue removal, the Mayor of Baltimore authorized the removal of four statues in that city, promising to place them in more appropriate locations, like museums and cemeteries. The cities of Los Angeles and Bangor, Maine have chosen to replace the Columbus Day holiday with Indigenous Peoples Day.

This, coupled with the indefatigable spirit of humanity shown as perfect strangers risk life and health rescuing their fellow human beings from the devestation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, defies the racist, separatist nadir that had threatened to overshadow the country. In times of petil, petty prejudiced cannot be suffered and the will to help outweighs the choice to hate.

This, I believe is just the beginning of an Era in which America will Reexamine the falsehoods that have been allowed to persist about t he historical racism that is permeated though Amercan history without vetification, introspection, or challenge. In as much as Trump and his base supporters want to retain the racists aspects of America,  the cit izens are finding themselves in a time of Cultural Awakening, Historical  Correction, and a brave new reconciled Country that comes t o term with its past and moves into the future,  together. Not romantically misguided, but more honestly with maturity.

I believe that we, as individuals, groups, associations and Committees should do our part to inspire and strengthen the Spirit of the Times, each movement powers the others and inspires the next to take hold. Push your community leafers to join yhis movement. We, as both marginalized people, and Americans as a whole, will ultimatrly benefit from a more truthful, honest, and united America. Strike while the iron is hot, the time for change is NOW!


The victims of Hurricane Harvey; Choice or Circumstance?

As I watch the continuing devastation that Hurricane Harvey has wrought,  I wonder why anyone would still be in the area and then I wonder what they can do now that it is obvious that they need help. The television shows families wading through cold storm water with children, spouses and pets, with little more than the wet clothes on their backs. Why are people there in the area after the numerous storm warnings? Why didn’t they prepare better? What do expect after they were told prepare, evacuate or remain in their homes? They were told to have food and water for at least four days as part of their preparation for not only the storm, but its equally, if not greater, aftermath. But the blame is not entirely the on the residents. Storms and natural disasters are by their nature, overwhelming and unprefictable. Unfortunately, so many poor people’s lives are also. I go back to Hurricane Katrina, thinking that storm hit about the same time of the same month those many years ago. For people who have never been on federal assistance or fixed income, welfare, food stamps, Social Security, Section 8, etc., the last few days of one of the longest, hottest months of the year is a struggle on ANY given day, regardless of the weather. Resources have dwindled to nothing and families and individuals just coast through until the beginning of September, relying on food from the local pantries and community and church donations for utility and rent assistance. September, which begins with a federal holiday where state and local offices are usually closed, seems to add more das to the previews month.. In PERFECT WEATHER, life is hard in August for financially marginalized people. August, like July, is a 31 day month. A month ehere more electricity will be used for cooling and for feeding childrem not yet in school. This is the population which will depend on the efficiency of the state and federal governmentfor everything. These are the families who may or may not have renters insurance, the state minimum of auto insurance, which is liability, no  financial means to purchase additional flood insurance. And it doesn’t matter if the people who are experiencing hardship are on fixed income, if the money that these families earn are not at a living wage and they are unable to pay basic household expenses, they have little or no emergency resources, plans, or means of meeting a natural disaster. Folks with insurance will lose their original homes and precious momentos, but health and safety withstanding, they will be made whole again, material possessions repaired, restored, or replaced. For others, a “wholeness” of life was something that had not been enjoyed before the storm.

Consequently, many people who are affected by either the hurricane itself, the rapid flooding, and the loss of electricity, will find themselves completely dependent on the emergency resources of their area. There is no emergency kit for these families to work from, no credit cards to charge hotel rooms in a neighboring city not affected by the storms, no 401 (k), personal savings, cash on hand, or valuables to trade for transportation, lodging, or food. How can these families have an emergency plan when EVERY DAY IS A STATE OF EMERGENCY! There will always be people in areas that have never been in the path of any storm that has occurred in that area. It was not predicted that the waters would rise at the rate that is presently occurring.  One river has risen a record 25 feet in the last 8 hours, and another 25 inches is expected as a result of the lingering remnants of Harvey. Local 911 phone services are overwhelmed and calls for help are going unanswered for hours or not at all. Electricity and clean water are also not available for many ateas.

And what about these victims of the storm who are challenged by physical, mental and emotional, or addiction issues outside of the current storm? How efficient are the emergency resources for those populations in these small rural areas? What were they before the hurricane and will they, improve, stay the same, or diminish during the storm and it’s aftermath?

In conclusion, all this will be managed by an administration that has no political, civic service, nor military experience. Indeed, there will be a disconnect with the many poor and unprepared victims who have nothing but the charity of neighbors and the hope that the tax-supported government will rescue and sustain them.

So let us send our prayers to the victims of the storm and watch listen, and hope that services will be quick, efficient and sufficient for the least of these Americans.


In the Age Kapernick & Trump

Since late January,  people who had never been politically active nor socially engaged, assembled nationwide in protest to the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. During this same time, Colin Kapernick is making a stand by taking a knee. Both seem unrelated, you never see Facebook posts that link both together. But these two public statements will occupy the same chapter in the history books. That is because things are changing, and will forever be changed from now on.

Because, as stated before, people who had never been moved to action up to this point, for good or bad, we’re now pouring into the streets, in town hall meetings, and at demonstrations voicing their opinion. The boiling point of both young African Americans being beaten, shot and killed for little or nothing. The deaths of Frolando Castile,  Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and many others were unprovoked acts of violence, reminiscent of the inexplicable lynching that happened during the struggle for integration and equal rights. Like lynchings, the injury of loss of life was compiled by the failure of the justice system to bring the killers to justice. A professional  football player was affected by these tragedies and moved to use his notoriety as an athlete as a vehicle to communicate his empathy to a hurting population- in defiance of the lack of justice, he took a knee instead of standing for the national anthem which is played before every game.

The election and inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th President equally impacted the American population. Marginalized people saw the Writing on the wall; that the law, which on its face was supposed to offer some protection, would soon be erased, rewritten, and shaped to free the “deplorables” our ancestors had fought hard to build a hedge of civil rights protection argainst, free. We knew that the example of behavior starts from the top down, and we were in trouble. 45 immediately worked to undo, reverse and erase not only the good works of his predecessor, President Barack Hussein Obama,  but even furyher, dismantling legislation written during the Civil Rights Era some 50 years ago.

But what both of these events activated was the realization that concerned and threatened people around the nation had to put “boot on the ground” and grow up, show up, and show out. They marched in the streets, they made Kapernick games shirts the most widely sold and popular, and they made lawmakers who usually held quaint, sleepy town hall meetings run out the back exit IF they were courageous enough to show up. The people who were threatened by loss of Healthcare became vocal, visible, and physical, requiring security to carry disabled people from the floor where they had left their wheelchairs in protest. Activism on a nationwide and worldwide scale like this has not been seen since the Civil Rights Era. And that activism passed laws, legislated behavior, and caused government, businesses and organizations to hire marginalized people in order to give them a stake in the benefits of this country.

Do we have a plan? The recent occurrences of the terroristic acts of murder and injury have spurred cities all over the nation to remove or cover Confederate statues placed to psychologically remind Blacks of the lengths traveled and possibly revisited, to maintain White Power. By placing yhese talismans of terror, the message of White Power by military means has been an overt, constant reminder.What will be the liberating effects of their removal?

Fellow athletes have taken up (or down) Kapernick’s stance and “taken a knee” during the anthem played at their various games. Calls for a boycott of the NFL have been sounded and Kapernick’s fraternity brothers have assembled to show their support and object to his Black balling by the teams who won’t recruit him to play. Never had this been done on such a large scale and whether or not the NFL acquiesces, history has been made, attention has been called to a national dilemma and the people have realized their power to organize and influence major political and corporate powers.

My question is,”Will we sit back, out no skin in the game, and risk nothing, ready to reap the benefits of those who did? What stance have we made in Evansville, what injustices have we shone a light upon, what demands have we made to make life better for our marginalized brothers and sisters? Many African Americans who didn’t match, sit-in, or demonstrate still reaped the benefits of those who sacrificed time, treasures and pounds of flesh. Once it was all over, folks tripped over themselves to proclaim that they marched with King.

We need to organize ourselves, make a stand, and list our demands so that we may reap this historical time of change brought by the heroic acts of an activist who works as an athlete, and by a demagogue who happens to work as a President.

Don’t give away freely what can be sold at a good price!

I had recently been asked to complete a survey regarding race by the Evansville Department of Metropolitan Development.  I passed. Why would I do that? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone in the city, African Americans in particular, if I honestly gave my opinion about what would be best for the city? Maybe, but understand WHY I’m feeling some type of way. Over the last two decades, I have served faithfully in various committees, boards, and advisory councils. You all KNOW I share my opinion freely and I passionately gave my energy to the groups to which I was a part. Additionally, I served on the panel of a Saturday morning radio show for the same amount of time, with a listening audience that spread across various demographics throughout the city. I had a certain amount of notoriety and regard in my community. But you know what I didn’t have? A paycheck for my passion, my energy, my opinion. Mind you, I had a job that I received much gratification from by helping people. But this, sharing a valid and relevant opinion, this was candy, this was breathing,  this was my pleasure. I could do this in my sleep and everyone knew it. Once the funding for my position dwindled, I was at a loss for income. My passion was so great to speak to the people that i ovetlooked my own well-being. I remember driving my overheated car to the radio station  first having to fill the radiator with water and trying to make the trip before the water drained and the car overheated. I even increased and completed my education, receiving a Bachelor’s degree from a local university. But I could not get a job doing the thing I loved. People knew my skills, they had enjoyed them freely when I volunteered, but they were unwilling to offer pay for them.

As a young woman, I frowned at the music of Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and other women who bragged about getting money from men in exchange for companionship or sexual relations. Then, you live and you learn life lessons that, in some way, these women figured out before I did. I found out that I had been giving away my “good thing”, without fully knowing the value of it. And once that is done, it is damned hard to go back and attach a price, a value, a worth to it. Girls who give away kisses freely to boys because they like them will find that the boys will take as many that are offered. But once that young woman asks for an trip to the ice cream shop like all the other girls, the boy will balk at having to reciprocate one “sweet” for another. Had she refrained from the free kisses from the beginning and insisted on the trip to the ice cream parlor, the young companion, realizing that the girl KNEW the value of her company, would comply or get passed by. Business is a lot like love that way, and manipulation and exploitation is not done by men alone.

I would have liked to have been approached for a position for a paid Advisor or a Project Manager, but I was asked to share my gift freely so that someone else could use it as a guideline for doing their job. do, iImade a choice to give my opinion to the people on my own terms, as pleased all the while benefitting through advertisement. Ruth Brown, an African American singer and entertainer who is probably most known for playing the role of “Motor Mouth Mabel” on the first version of “Hairspray”, performed a song that said “If I can’t sell it, I might as well sit on it!”, speaking ambiguous about a used chair that she selling to a prospective buyer who thought the price was too high. Again, I will say that after I have lived and learned, I listen to Ruth, Foxxy and Kim with brand new ears on this old body.

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